Frequently asked questions

How can I pay? / Which payment options are available to me?

We are currently offering you the following payment options:

Credit card
Pay with your VISA, Mastercard or American Express credit card using our payment provider Stripe. Your order will be immediately processed after you finish your transaction.

Pay with your VISA, Mastercard or American Express credit card using our payment provider Stripe. Your order will be immediately processed after you finish your transaction.

Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay makes shopping on our website even easier by letting you speed through checkout using information already stored in your Amazon account to pay on our site. You don’t need to re-enter your payment or address details – just choose from the payment and delivery information stored in your Amazon account. Your order will be immediately processed after you finish your transaction.

How long does the processing/delivery of my unlock code take?

The delivery time of your unlock code depends on the manufacturer and model of your device. The following list gives a rough estimate of the actual processing time for your device. Codes are usually delivered within the timeframe stated within brackets.

Samsung1 – 48 hours (est. 3 hours)
AppleDelivery time depends on the network carrier; see device page please
Huawei3 – 7 days (est. 4 days)
LG1 – 24 hours (est. 2 hours)
HTC1 – 24 hours (est. 1 hour)
Sony3 – 7 days (est. 4 days)
BlackBerry1 – 24 hours (est. 1 hour)

How is my unlock code delivered to me?

Your unlock code will be delivered to your email-address. Please make sure that your email-address is inserted correctly to avoid any problems with the delivery of your unlock code.

How do I enter my unlock code? How can I contact you if I need help with entering my unlock code?

For most Android devices the unlock process is very simple: You start your device with a sim card that is currently not supported by your device because of your device´s SIM-Lock/Net-Lock. After the start-up sequence you will be asked to enter the unlock code you received from us.
Of course your unlock code comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to enter the unlock code on your device.
If any questions arise during the unlock process please don´t hesitate to contact our support hotline or send us an email. You can also contact us via our contact form.
Our support staff is also available to you through a live chat system. If any customer support agents are currently available to you a chat icon will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click the chat icon to start a live chat with one of our support staff members.

How does the unlock procedure for my Apple device work?

Apple iPhones and iPads are unlocked by syncing your device with Apple iTunes after the unlock request has been processed. In order to process your unlock request we need your device´s IMEI number. After we successfully processed your order we will send you a notification by e-mail. Your Apple device will then be unlocked upon the next sync with Apple iTunes.

Do your unlock codes work for devices from any network operator?

The unlock codes provided through our webshop work for all devices (mobile phone, smartphone, tablet) provided by network operators based in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland).

Here is a complete list of all the network operators that can be unlocked using the unlock codes we provide:
EE (Everything Everywhere), Orange UK, T-Mobile UK, O2 UK, Vodafone UK, Three UK, 1pMobile, 360Coms Telecom, 365 Mobile, AfriMobile, Age UK My Phone, Airwave Smart Mobile, AlwaysOnline Wireless, Anywhere Sim, Asda Mobile, Auracall Travel Talk, Axis Telecom, BT Mobile, BT Onephone (BTOP), C4C Mobile, Call & Give, Champions Mobile, CUniq, CMLink, CTExcel, Ctrl Mobile, Econet Mobile, Ecotalk, ETS Mobile, FreedomPop, Fonome Mobile, Gamma Telecom, giffgaff, Globalgig, HP Mobile Connect, iD Mobile, JOi Telecom, Jump, KC Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Lycamobile, Meem Mobile, NordTelekom, Now PAYG, Our Telecom, Pebble Mobile Network, Plusnet Mobile, Rok Mobile, RWG Mobile, Sky Mobile, SMARTY, Superdrug Mobile, Talk Home Mobile, Talkmobile, TalkTalk Mobile, TalkXtra Mobile, Telecom PlusTelfoni, Tesco Mobile, The Phone Co-op, Torica Mobile, Toggle Mobile, Truphone, Vectone Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vivio, VOXI, White Mobile, Andrews & Arnold, Banana Mobile, Believe Mobile, Bemilo, Blyk, C Mobile, Candy Telecom, Delight Mobile, Desi Mobile, Dialog Vizz, DidaMobile, Easymobile, Economy Mobile, Family Mobile, Fresh Mobile, GT Mobile, iCard Mobile, Jadoo Mobile, Kingdom Mobile, Kite Mobile, Kontakt Mobile, LIFE Mobile, Lomo Mobile, Mobile by Sainsbury’s, Mobilek, Ovivo Mobile, PG Mobile, Post Office Mobile, Priyo Mobile, RSPCA Mobile, Samba Mobile, Shebang, Simple Call Mobile, Stan Mobile, Tello, The People’s Operator (TPO Mobile), U2i Mobile, UK Globe, Vizz Africa

Does unlocking my phone void my phone´s warranty?

No. Entering the unlock code on your device will not affect your phone´s warranty. The unlock code procedure is implemented in each device by the device´s manufacturer. Entering the unlock code thereby doesn´t constitute a manipulation of the device or the software/firmware installed on the device.

Will my phone stay unlocked after a software update/factory reset?

Yes. The unlock procedure permanently unlocks your device. It will stay unlocked even after performing a factory reset or a software update.
Please note that in some cases Android phones will reactivate the SIM-lock/Net-lock after a non-incremental software update (e.g. Android 7.1 -> Android 8). In this case you will be asked to re-enter the unlock code after the software update is completed and the device restarted.
The unlock code for your device is permanently stored in a secure location on your phone. This means that you can always unlock your device with the unlock code you received through our service.

Can I remove my phone´s branding with an unlock code?

No. Entering the unlock code on your device will only deactivate the SIM-lock or Net-lock that is prohibiting your device from being used with an unaccepted SIM card (a SIM card that does not belong to your device´s original carrier). All other parts of the software/firmware of your device will stay untouched by the unlock procedure. Your device´s carrier branding (e.g. logos, carrier-specific apps) will remain on your device even after the unlock process is finished and your device´s SIM-lock / Net-lock is removed.
In order to remove the carrier branding you will have to install an unbranded software/firmware on your device. Please check the warranty conditions of your network carrier before attempting to remove your device´s branding as this may void your device´s warranty.

Can my device be unlocked if I´m running a custom ROM on my device? (e.g. LegacyOS, CyanogenMOD, Oxygen, etc.)

No. In order to be able to enter the unlock code on your device correctly a stock software/firmware must be installed on your device.
Custom Android firmware that is based on the AOSP or AOKP will not be able to correctly process the unlock code. Therefore you will have to install a stock firmware on your device if a custom ROM has previously been installed in order to be able to unlock your device.

Do I need any technical knowledge in order to unlock my phone?

No. The unlock process using our unlock codes is very simple and will only take about 2 minutes. (mainly depending on your device´s start-up time with a new SIM card)
Alongside your unlock code you will receive easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to unlock your phone with the unlock code we provide.

How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

If we can not provide the unlock code for your IMEI number your order will automatically be canceled and a full refund for your order will be issued to you using the chosen payment method. The processing time of your refund depends on the payment method you used for your order.

Will my order be processed immediately if I place my order on a holiday or the weekend?

Yes. Our service is active from Mon – Sun. Your order will be processed even if it is placed on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday.
Our support hotline is available to you from Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm. Outside of these hours (evening, weekends, holidays) please send us an email to or use our contact form.

I can´t find my device on your webshop - can it still be unlocked?

Our webshop is being maintained regularly in order to always keep it up to date. If the device you want to unlock is not listed in our shop please send us an email to, use our contact form or call our support hotline on 0330 808 8602 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm).

What kind of information do I need prior to placing my order?

For most devices only the IMEI number is needed in order to retrieve the correct unlock code for your device. Currently the only exception to this are unlock codes for BlackBerry devices for which you will also have to provide the PRD number of the device.

SamsungIMEI number
AppleIMEI number
HuaweiIMEI number
LGIMEI number
HTCIMEI number
SonyIMEI number
BlackBerryIMEI number, PRD number

How can I find out my device´s IMEI number?

You can find your phone´s IMEI number by typing *#06# on your phone´s call screen. The IMEI number can also be found in your phone´s setting menu alongside other information about your devices hard- and software.

How can I find out my BlackBerry´s PRD number?

Under your BlackBerry´s battery you should find a sticker containing your device´s IMEI number and PRD number. PRD numbers have the following format: PRD-XXXXX-XXX

How do I enter the unlock code on my router?

Please insert an unaccepted SIM card in your router. Start the router and log on to your router´s configuration page. Open the address in your web browser. You will now be asked to enter the unlock code for your device.

How can I write a review for your shop?

In order to leave a review for our webshop, please use the following link to our Trustpilot profile:

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I have a questions that wasn´t answered here. Can I contact you?

Our support staff is happy to help you with any and all questions you have concerning the unlock process of your device. You can reach our support hotline from Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm on 0330 808 8602. Outside of these hours please send us an email to or use our contact form.
Support team members are also available to you via live chat. If one of our support members is currently available to you for a live chat there will be a chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. Just click the chat icon to start chatting with one of our support members.